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In India it is believed that our society is male dominating society and over the years every socialist or individual is stressing over a point that women are victimised by man. They are treated bad, they don’t get equal opportunities, etc. But why is everybody forgetting that there are two sides of a coin. In our country if one person does any wrong than the all the people of his class or community will be predicted wrong. If a man with bad intentions does something wrong to a woman, then all the men are considered as wrong. This is an overall faith in our country that man can never be manhandled on the grounds that he is the centre of the general public. Because of blameworthy picture of man in the public arena everybody trusts a lady regardless on the off chance that she lies. The most famous strategy for male exploitation is honeycomb trap technique. In this technique a lady blames a man under misleading claim for assault, endowment etc.so that they can bring in cash out of it. It is what is going on in which somebody is fooled into unethical or unlawful sexual way of behaving can be openly uncovered.

Uplifting one part of the society do not mean rejecting others. Our society is so focused on upliftment of women that we have rejected the male citizens.People doesn’t realize that not even fingers in their hands are all same.  We have generalized them by “All men are same.”


We are so focused on uplifting women that we neglected other genders in the society. Law should be made for all citizens regardless what is their gender. Empowerment is needed but it should not be at the cost of anybody’s suppression. Law makers of our country made laws for protection of rights of women in the society. But as every coin has two sides and every action taken has both positive and negative results here also these laws are protecting women but they are also victimising men in some cases.

In the present times where the social media s faster than news itself, many cases came in spotlight through out the years where women falsely accuse men for their benefits or even revenge. These laws are an easy way for some people to get their way. This is the sad reality where many women are suffering from abuse daily in their family for one reason or other, there are others who are just using these allegations and laws as a way to make some quick cash. India has a male dominating society. In India every year hundreds of women get either raped or molested or victimised in one or the other manner. This everyone knows and what shameful is no one is doing anything to protect them. But a there is one more side to this which no one really talks about which is “male victimisation or male abuse”.


The term Gender Neutral means the view where the arrangements, language, and other social establishments ought to abstain from recognizing jobs as indicated by individuals’ sex or orientation, to keep away from segregation emerging from the feeling that there are social jobs for which one orientation is more fit than another. All sexual orientations ought to be regarded. The bill was presented in 2012 and they suspended it in 2013 when it was accounted for by the Ministry of Home Affairs in a PIL that main a man can be a violator and not a casualty. The Indian Constitution under Article 14[1]and 15[2]discussions about correspondence.

The following provision in IPC[3]suggests gender inequality:

1.     Section 304B[4]and Section 498A[5]

The term ‘Dowery Death’ flashes off clear minds in one’s mind of a lady being provoked and pestered for cash lastly, hanged to death inside the four dividers of her home. Women’s activists have us accept that each unnatural or troublesome passing of a wedded Indian lady is settlement demise. Not just that, the women’s activist poetic exaggeration on “lady killing” and “settlement badgering” makes it seem as though Indian men have an uncanny penchant to submit viciousness on their spouses for cash and property.[6]

2.     Section 375[7]

As per S. 375 of the IPC, you must take care of business to formally assault, and a lady to authoritatively get assaulted! The segment doesn’t perceive men as assault casualties. India’s enemy of homosexuality regulation, Section 377, is the main retreat for male casualties of sexual offenses. Notwithstanding, the law is loaded with difficulties. Indeed, even in situations where a male casualty is attacked by a male assailant, it isn’t really considered as assault. The law frames no contrast among consensual and non-consensual sex between male grown-ups. Besides, assuming a female is the culprit, the casualty is passed on with no choice to look for equity!

It is intriguing to take note of that in the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance, 2013, the violations of assault and inappropriate behaviour were sexually unbiased. The expression “assault” was eliminated and was subbed with “rape”. Be that as it may, solid protests were raised by ladies’ gatherings and the Act wound up making the offenses of assault and lewd behaviour orientation explicit. There are different recommendations advanced by women’s activists on the side of this respect, for example, men not being as powerless, them continuously needing sex, ladies’ ineptitude to assault men, men not being also impacted by assault, et cetera.

3.     Section 497[8]and Section 498[9]

Section 497 of the IPC says, “Whoever has sex with an individual who is and whom he knows or has motivation to accept to be the spouse of another man, without the assent or conspiracy of that man, such sex not measuring the offense of assault, is at legitimate fault for the offense of infidelity and will be rebuffed with detainment of one or the other depiction for a term which might stretch out to 5 years, or with fine, or with both. In such case, the spouse will not be culpable as an abettor.”

In Sowmatri Vishnu v. Union of India[10], Sowmatri, whose darling was arraigned for infidelity, battled that the law was orientation one-sided. Regardless of being an equivalent party in the offense, the lady was a ‘casualty’- she was absolved from discipline, as a kid would be, recommending that the lady submitting infidelity is unequipped for judicious idea and subsequently has no organization. This view is re-asserted by the following code in series, Section 498.[11]

Section-498of the IPC Says Enticing or taking away or detaining with criminal intent a married woman. “Whoever takes or captivates any lady who is and whom he knows or has motivations to accept to be the spouse of some other man, from that man, or from any individual having the consideration of her for the benefit of that man, with purpose that she might have illegal intercourse with any individual or covers or confines with that aim any such lady, will be rebuffed with detainment of one or the other depiction for a term which might stretch out to two years, or with fine, or with both”.

Some other provisions which suggest gender biasness are as follows:

1.     Under the Hindu Succession Act of 1956, assuming the expired has no will, the life partner, mother and kids acquire the property having a place with the perished. The dad is possibly entitled in the event that the expired doesn’t have a mate, mother or kids.

2.     Under the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act of 1956, it is the guardians’ liability to a young lady youngster’s support till she chooses to accommodate herself or gets hitched.

3.     Under the Special Marriage Act, only the wife can claim permanent alimony and maintenance.


In our country despite being so much development the thinking and understanding of citizens have stopped somewhere. In today’s time where there are so many moments for equality, environment and so many crises we are facing, we have stopped recognising the pain of others especially men. Yes, they are species of privilegefrom the ancient times but we have generalised them in a way that we refuse that they can be victims too. According to a report by ministry of women and child welfare among 53.22% children abused in India in year 2007 52.94% are boys. But no one talks about it, everyone is forgetting that not all women are victim. Somewhere as a society we have forgotten that equality goes both ways. In today’s time if a man slaps a woman, he is called abuser but if a woman slaps men she is brave. We as a society have a common mindset which forces us to believe that women are equals to victim. And yes, it is true but somewhere in some cases women are the abuser and men are the victims.

If a man told you that he is been raped or beaten by his wife or eve teased by someone. What will be your reaction? It is something to think about.

On one hand these laws are relief for many in need but on the other hand they can also ruin life of an innocent men.


The 5-judge bench on account of Joseph Shine v. Association of India[12]held segment 497 illegal. It was held by the Supreme Court that this part is inconsistent in nature, disregards article 14 and 15 of the constitution and segregate people. The court likewise held that:

Spouse isn’t the expert of wife. Ladies’ ought to be treated with correspondence alongside men, and antiquated thoughts of man being culprit and lady being casualty never again hold great”

Our expectation here is tolerating the way that there can be wrongdoings against men, that men likewise endure, and that ladies can be culprits too. There have been missions and developments overall for the reason for men. Global Men’s Day is commended on November 19 consistently, from 2007, because of International Women’s Day. We, as a society, truly need to install Gender-Sensitivity among ourselves, foster a sensation of regard and warmth towards the other gender, and comprehend that to elevate one segment; we don’t need to persecute the other.

Legitimately, we really want to guarantee that impartial language is utilized in our regulations, and both the genders are similarly safeguarded. Regulations ought not be founded on the assumption that only one of the genders is the culprit, and the other, a hapless casualty.

If we truly have any desire to lay out an orientation just society, we really want to perceive LGBT freedoms also, on the grounds that that will guarantee both lawful equity, and cultural incorporation, everything being equal.

Ultimately, we should really try to understand that wrongdoing has no orientation, and everybody ought to be deflected from carrying out it. It incurs incalculable sufferings upon the person in question, and he merits equity.


After the Nirbhaya case[13], another hint of something to look forward to arose, with the interest for sexually unbiased regulations, yet this trust was run on account of “Rishi Malhotra v. Union of India[14].” However, the Law Commission exhorted that we supplant the words that accentuate a particular orientation with the word human, which covers the two sexual orientations. Thus, it is important that we eliminate regulations that separate among people. Everybody, whether she is a lady or a man, is qualified for similar regard, in this way regulations will be something very similar. We need to remember that crime has no gender.

This blog is authorized by Poorva student of Banasthali Vidyapith.

[1]The State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India.

[2]secures the citizens from every sort of discrimination by the State, on the grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth or any of them.


[4]Dowery death

[5] Cruelty against women

[7] Rape

[8] Adultery

[9] Detaining with criminal intent a married woman

[10]AIR 1985 SC 1618

[12](2019) 3 SCC 39.

[13](2017) 6 SCC 1

[14]19 July 2019

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