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About Us

International Journal of Advanced Legal Research (IJALR) is a platform to promote research writing on various topics related to political, social, legal, and economic among the people of India. Our primary objective is to promote legal research among students across India through publishing their materials in the issues released quarterly. It will enhance the skills of law students across India. With this, IJALR will be focusing on providing opportunities like an Internship program, Blog Writing , and Publication Opportunities. We will also focus on organizing various competitions related to research that will upgrade the skills of an individual.

International Journal of Advanced Legal Research (ISSN: 2582-7340) is an International, Quarterly, Peer-Reviewed, Online Journal which provides an interactive platform for the publication of Short Articles, Long Articles, Book Reviews, Case Comments, Research Papers, Essays in the field of Law. 

IJALR Blog will stand as a platform for hosting a large range of intellectual legal articles which might offer insights into the most recent legal developments within the social, economic and political domains of our country and of the globe at large. Professional & students from the different field across India can submit their views on various issues related to political, social, economic, and legal aspects.

Our aim is to upgrade the level of interaction and discourse about contemporary issues. IJALR welcomes contributions from all branches till the work is original, unpublished, unplagiarized and in consonance with the submission guidelines. We have also added a section where contributors can publish their previously published work and IJALR will be giving credits to the publishing journal itself.