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Relation Of China With Other Countries After The Spread Of Coronavirus


The corona virus pandemic is changing far more than just the way we live it is also changing the global balance of power while rest of the world is still in crisis. And most of the countries relations have become worse than ever before especially with China as the virus has been originated from China only. 


India and China are Asia’s most populous countries and two of the largest economies. India and China have completed 70 years of bilateral relations. The relation between the two has changed many a times sometimes good sometimes bad but overall the relationship has developed over these 70 years as both of them became comfortable with each other as it has been said that the relationship between the two is based on competition and cooperation. The reason behind the harsh relationship nowadays is the spread of corona virus. If china had told all about it to us in December 2019 only that an unrietreable had been detected in Wuhan the world would have locked down sooner greatly reducing the spread of the virus preventing lakh of deaths. So today as we can see that China is everyone’s number one enemy. China was never been a favorite country of India as it is the Pakistan’s biggest allies diplomatically and militarily. China has also being wooing India’s neighbors Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Nepal by instigating them against the India and most recently prodding Nepal to rake up a border dispute with India. Apart from all these issues there are unresolved border dispute between India and China which are again the reason of hatred among the two. 

Narendra Modi’s new ‘vocal for local’[1] campaign started when he announced it during his speech while addressing the nation about lockdown 4.0. The ‘vocal for local’ campaign started with the aim to make India self-reliant. Thus, it has been adviced that country has to boycott China services and goods. It is very difficult as in almost every product we consume there is a little bit of China. But in order to become self-reliant it is necessary to boycott Chinese goods and therefore many Chinese app has also been banned by the India which is a good start towards the self-reliant India. 
With all these we can say that the relations between India and China had became worse as trade and all possible things have been neglected or boycott by India which belongs to or are from China.


It is evident that today the relations between U.S.A and China are at their worst point in decades. U.S leaders for weeks have blamed China for mishandling and spread of corona virus by saying that the Chinese have not been transparent from the beginning if they had been more transparent, more open, upfront in terms of giving us access not just to the people on ground but to the virus they had so we could understand it, we had probably in a far different place right now. U.S officials have said that the virus may have come from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. With that Trump has also threatened to scrap the phase one U.S- China trade deal and increase tariffs. Everyone blames China for the spread of corona virus so to cover up them they said actually the virus has been originated from the U.S army but U.S in response said that this is actually a Chinese virus which belongs to China and originated in China only. U.S has decided to spoil China’s grand plans- United States president Donald Trump recently signed the TAIPEI Act[2], supporting Taiwan’s aspiration to expand relationships with other countries in the world. Addresses clash over Taiwan’s exclusion from WHO[3] meetings. 

China has claimed that the patient zero[4] of the corona virus was actually from the U.S, rather than China. U.S became angry on the accusation by China and summons Chinese ambassador over corona virus conspiracy theory. U.S has banned the visitors travelling from China to avoid the spread of corona virus also. 
From all this we can say that the relations between the two have become worse than ever before just after the spread of corona virus. 


This year marks the 45th anniversary of Europe and China diplomatic relations. In the past 45 years their relation has become increasingly comprehensive, mature and steady it has benefitted both the countries equally and also contributed positive energy to world peace. After the online meeting or summit during spread of corona virus between the two countries has changed their relations. This pandemic has resulted in a severe recession in world economy and forecasts say that the European economy will get the hardest hit this year which automatically creates differences between the two countries. With that EU is China’s largest trading partner. China has captured the moment to provide relief to some of the worse-hit European countries as part of polishing up the Communist Party’s image internationally. China is doing all this because

· They enable China to deflect attention away from the fact that virus is originated in Wuhan. 
· At time when west is struggling with the spread of virus, China wants to present its governance model based on social control. 
· China is applying thesecontemporary strategic tools to advance its soft power profile and promote itself in a generous way. 
· Applicability of Europe is more exaggerated by the escalating competition and trade war between Beijing and Washington under President Donald Trump. 
But in spite of all, the fact is that EU is moving away from China and there are statements issued by European Commission in support of this that “France and Germany have combined donated more masks to Italy than China”. Over these months China has lost Europe as stated by German Reinhard Buetikofer. U.K Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab[5] said it can’t be “business as usual” with China once the pandemic is over. These all are the evidences for the deteriorated relationship between both the countries due to the spread of corona virus. 


Not only the countries mentioned above had gain differences in the relation with China soon after the outbreak of corona virus there are countries such as Spain, The Netherlands and The Czech Republic have already returned Chinese-made test-kits. Some Italian voices for example, have reacted strongly against China’s push- sometimes asking for ‘war damages’ instead. Countries’ including Germany is also preventing Chinese takeovers. With all that it also changes the global politics which will affect many countries.


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[2] It is a capital of Taiwan.
The Act explicitly calls out China for its excesses in the region by, referring the coercion of Taiwan as a “bullying tactic”.
[3] World Health Organization
[4] Used to refer a person identified as a first carrier of a communicable disease in an outbreak of related cases.
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This blog is authored by- Riya Luhadia

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