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Building Career In Law


A promising career with myriad opportunities is offered while pursuing law. Due to globalization in the legal sector, a law degree equips for almost any profession in which intellectual strength combined with a practical approach to the world is required. 

The private sector have now also opened its doors for law professionals to work in their various fields. Law has always been considered an appealing and noble profession. It requires a great deal of dedication years of hard work and right decision making at appropriate time. This industry has an extensive course structure and picking the right branch is one of the toughest task or we can choosing the right branch in the field of law plays a vital role.

Analysing one’s strength and weakness and choosing a career after that marks the beginning of a bright future. Usually college has made it mandatory for the students to take up all the subjects in the first year itself as the universities offers a curriculum prepared by experts. As, it helps the students to select the right specialization and also helps in evaluating carefully to decide which specialization will prove beneficial to each student. It is because it plays a significant role in building a successful career. There are many factors that need to be taken in account before deciding which legal path to choose. If, a student is skilled in public speaking, or he or she is an excellent orator and likes to fight and argue then for him litigation is the best in the field of law. But here, the level of ongoing animosity with opposing counsel must not be underestimated. The people who don’t like to talk or argue too much then they must go for transactional law which requires one to one communication.

It is important to look for legal jobs where this is the default if you like to engage with other people on an ongoing basis. In many legal profession, people are not able to exercise perfect control over their work. If you crave control over your time and autonomy then maybe then big law isn’t the best choice as different people thrive in different type of work environment. Lawyers spend a lot of time working as it is very crucial to pay careful attention to the type of day to day work one enjoy, whether one is happiest writing briefs, working with clients, negotiating deals or planning an oral argument and it should be made sure that one enjoy the daily work, and so you will be much happier as an attorney.

You need to think carefully about what kind of lawyer you want to become and to decide what law firm would offer you the finest and most productive internship and gaining hands on training. As, these all things are critical for progression as a lawyer and depending on the internship it could incerase your chances of landing a full time job after law school. An internship will prove to be impactful and more effective that best matches the interest, so the strengths and weaknesses must be taken into account before planning ahead and explore internships in areas that may be of interest to you. People need to know that you are looking for an internship and ask for opportunities because you will never knew if you don’t ask and the legal world is surprisingly small. It is very necessary to stay connected to people and also you need to be polite and kind in your professional relationships as it leaves a positive impact in your company. The letter of recommendations must be impressive and should be prepared well as it is a very crucial part of selection criteria of interview. The dressing sense of candidate, his or her punctuality, communication skills and various other personality traits plays a very vital role in interviews of law firms. For the interviews of law firms, a thorough research of the firm is needed, about the clients, the practice areas and also information about the lawyers with whom you will be meeting. You must be speaking boldly and confidently as to why you want to intern with that firm especially and how your interest and experience will add value to the firm and showing interest and enthusiasm in the opportunity is also vital to get the internship of your choice.

A law student must be a pioneer in writing CV and cover letter. There a many minute nuisances that must be taken into account before writing them. While writing emails you must ensure that you don’t be sounding rude or offensive as email by nature can’t convey tone. Friendly and positive sounding should be used and threatening and accusatory sentences must be avoided. You can sound less formal where you think it’s needed but you will also not be sounding emotion alike a robot. While writing don’t try to prove the meanings of your vague statements or show loyalty and say everything directly to sound competent. Use your sentences in a very subtle way as it keeps you focused and as they are more clear and less confusing. Use bullet points and numbered lists if you feel it adds comprehension and use plain English, as in business you want to get most amount of information across with the least amount of words. CV is another crucial aspect of getting an internship in a tier 1 law firm and for the HR you are only as good as your CV. In the experience column you should not just mention the name of your organization and the time period, rather you should be mentioning about your major takeaways from those internships and in what areas of law and projects you have worked there and that also in a few bullet points. Apart from personal details you need to mention about your education, training, employment and work experience in bullet points and make it easy and attractive to read. Each and every minute detail must be without any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Regarding your hobbies, you should not underestimate the hobbies column because if the HR figures out that you have lied to him about any of the stuffs of your CV. He is not selecting you. You must also need to focus on your cover letter since it will be acting as the first means of communication with the organization. Aim for a professional and personable tone in your cover letter while writing the purpose of your application. You must be focusing on in making your cover letter stand out in the eyes of your HR that why they should be picking you in the whole lot. Your cover letter should be impressive then only they will bother about your CV.

All these are important factors when you enter in a law school to excel in your career. Each and everything must be researched and executed carefully to give an excellent kick start to your career after graduating.
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