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Black Lives Matter: A Critical Analysis on the Antagonism and Discrimination against Them


An intricate perspective if we say the word “Black Lives Matter” which actually is an emerging from “Black liberation movement” of the 21st Century subjugated the public and private discourses in the United States. The Black Lives Matter movement which has totally mobilized millions of African Americans with sympathy to fight against the killings of African Americans with another respect to Police brutality. Now to set aside certain claims on demanding justice, equity and fairness for fundamental human rights and dignity. The big claims on putting forward which is accepted by group sympathizers where criticism comes from those persons who on ethnicity believes all lives on their race, religion, gender or social status. The argument by the proponents of “All Lives Matter” that it is unfair to focus only on certain African American issues without also acknowledging the donations and sacrifices people from the other communities by protecting all citizens from the entire nation which includes the heroic sacrifices of the police. In light of the recent intentional discrimination against the African American community on the foundation of race through police brutality, other racially motivated activities and court practices etc.[1]

The Concept behind Racism

Racism which is also known as racialism implies a belief that the human beings may get divided on its basis into separate and exclusive biological entities called “races”. This particular term is also applied on to political, economic, system etc which engages perpetuate discrimination on the basis of some otherwise reinforce racial inequalities in terms of wealth and income, health care, civil rights and so on. Since the late 20th century the notion of biological race has been recognized as a cultural invention, undoubtedly without any scientific basis.[2]

Structural Racism Spawn on Encrypted Racism

The advocacy of the Black Lives Matter movement  goes beyond the on-going police brutality and killings of the African American people, it centers those that have been marginalized within Black liberation activities making it a tactic (re)build the Black discharge movement. In United States without recourse to structural racism which engenders on the encrypted racism on activism and the intercourse had its legislations making the encrypted racism as a spawn of structural racism. The difficulty with use of “All Lives Matter” is that it fails to acknowledge historical and ethnic realities and past injustices that characterize the United States.[3]

In a similar manner in a critical race theorists believe that the liberal philosophy as they have been formulated and understood are limited when practicing on to a multicultural society. The idea is that since conservatism has vehemently opposed any strategy proposal which is viewed to be a profit to the oppressed minorities, on racial issues liberalism should not remain as conciliatory or moderate. As a dissent against violence toward African-Americans, Black Lives Matter comes apart onto the countrywide landscape just two years since. But according to Harvard scholars, it is a pressure group that has earlier period roots that go backside more than 300 years.

Background on Black Lives Matter

“Black Lives Matter” is so simple and yet so multifaceted. It really is very direct allegation of both a problem and key at the same time. This global conversation which forces people across all walks of life in all sectors of our financial system and every corner of the globe really to assess to all individuals. Since, the British era, to count the troublesome situation faced by individuals who had their skin tone as ‘Black’, we can get a lot of it. These particular glimpses are still seen in certain circumstances in communities. Though at times there was lack of independence for the people living, which no more lies as a compulsion for the present society, yet there are several people living, who can be categorized as a racist, having a sort of mentality which shows their unnatural and unmodified views upon those persons who may have as a black skin tone since their birth might be for any reason. Therefore, people living in a country like India, with such a creep mentality must modify their thoughts from every spheres of their life and that they can easily acquire by not staying enough partial to an extent and viewing the world, one-sidedly. Because, now they need to realize that like them every single life on earth do matters equally.[4]

Civil Rights Movement in reference to Emancipation Proclamation

   Emancipation Proclamation is indeed itself a document which was produced by Abraham Lincoln Government in 1963 which gave freedom to almost 3.5 million slaves of the Southern side of America. Moreover, on September 22, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation which was declared on January 1, 1863, it stated that all slaves in the States engage in rebellion “Shall be then, thenceforward and forever free”. Lincoln did not approximately free the four million men, women and children held in slavery when he formalized the Emancipation Proclamation.

 Further, in relation with it civil and political rights are just not less than a class of rights which protects the individuals’ freedom from infringement by governments, social organizations, etc. Civil rights include ensuring people by both maintaining physical and mental integrity and protection on the grounds such as race, colour, age, ethnicity, political affiliation etc. These two basically forms the original part of the International Human Rights. To be more specific, the political rights include natural justice in terms of law, such as rights of an accused which includes due process and fair trial; the right of self defense and the right to vote.  

The Black Lives Jeopardy on 21st Century

The current deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Sean Reed, and Breonna Taylor have sparked extensive protests across the United States, as well as worldwide demonstrations of solidarity for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement. These protests have shaped a marked increase in public support for the movement along with calls for major reforms to the criminal justice system, including defunding police departments, demilitarization, and eradication. This practical issue features a compilation of articles that help to contextualize these protests and their probable implications for the 2020 election. Wiley Publishers has undated this collection of formerly published articles, providing free admittance to a wide range of academics, students, journalists, and members of the public who are engrossed in learning and thinking more about this significant issue.
The first three articles in this virtual issue discover racial disparities in policing and reprimand. These works offer insights into the grievances expressed by the BLM protesters and the harm to the Black community bent by a unified system of educational, criminal justice, and political institutions. They also believe on how Black depiction in leadership and decision-making processes works to ease some of these institutional failures. The next three article’s focal point is on the collision of discriminatory institutions and practices on Black Americans’ political thinking. Particularly, these articles discover Black perceptions of racial chauvinism, trust in the judicial system, and perceptions of whether the American Dream is within reach. This work demonstrates how the practices of alleged reasoning, militarized police forces, mass confinement, and the school-to-prison pipeline have been internalized by the Black community. The last three articles in this virtual issue deals with the effects of protest on communal opinion and political behaviour.[5]


The analysis on the racial disagreement which this article has effectively done in light of certain theories which reveals a transition or shift from overt structural racism to an encrypted one occurred due formal state law in the theories. This research reveals how protests can decipher the shifts in the political power and how images of militarized police responses to protests influence voter preferences. The authors also consider protest behavior among college athletes, as athletics increasingly becomes a significant and contested venue for protests against police viciousness. This research orients us toward the ways in which BLM protests may influence upcoming elections. Therefore, to conclude this it can be said that the racism needs to be stopped, as it has been occurring since centuries yet there is still a chance for it to be get end because if such continues it may lead to a split between countries which can further bring a situation of tension in a form of breakage between the unity and can bring put a hazardous and conflicting question to the whole nation in the end.

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