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Women’s Freedom: The Cause of Rape


“Rape, It happens only because the girls invite it.” If you also thinks the same, you do have the mentality of a rapist. Rape is not the repercussion of a woman’s freedom. If a women is independent, free to choose whatever she wants, free to go wherever she wants, free to speak what is right even if it hurts the male ego of some people around her, free to say no to anyone, free to wear whatever she wants, it does not means that she is inviting rape. What to do and wear and What should not is the decision should be taken only by the one who is going to wear it. Any other person is no body to tell any individual what he/she should wear. Everyone needs to understand this very strictly that a woman roaming alone on the streets in the night is not the public property so that anyone can do anything with her. 

According to National Crime Records Bureau, 33,356 rape cases were registered in India in 2018. Out of these 31,320 we’re committed by someone known to the victim. These are the cases which were registered, but there are thousands of cases which don’t get registered because this highly male dominated society is prejudiced that in rape it’s the victim who is guilty, “it’s her mistake, she must have done something which she shouldn’t, she must have given the signal to them, she must have provoked them and therefore they raped her”. These are general judgements which society gives to rape victim. It’s always the victim who suffers. The people don’t understand that if it’s a rape which means getting intimate with an individual forcefully without her consent then it’s a legal offence for which the one who rapes is only liable. Men also get exploited by women but the worldwide percentage of females sexually exploited by men is much more then that of men. India is among the most dangerous countries for women and rape is reported in every 15 minutes in India according to the recently released official government crime data. Is women’s freedom is responsible for this?, The answer is no, the problem is the mentality. Mentality of not only men but each and every individual who thinks that he/she has the right to decide what a girl should do. Women are not objects so that anyone can use them according to their needs, they too have emotions, feelings, likes, dislikes, wants, desires, dreams, ambition, passion, in short they are also humans. Why she is always told by everyone what she should do. A women’s life in general is a sacrifice, a sacrifice for the society, a sacrifice for the her husband, her kids, her family. Everyone at each and every point of her life asks for a sacrifice and she is expected to do so. A woman is the only creature of the God wo always leaves for and according to the people her life. She never leaves for and according to herself. And she raises her voice for herself, she becomes wrong in everyone’s eyes.

A woman is always expected to sacrifice her dreams, her ambition, her choices for the shake of others because she meant to do that, and when she wants to do what she wants to do, the responsible citizens (the rapists) of this country gets the license to teach that woman a lesson what we call a rape and the society justifies this action of the rapist in this way.
Women are also the citizen of this country in the eyes of law and the Constitution of this country grants her rights to do whatever she wants without causing any legal to others and if she is doing something which is not an offence in the eyes if law then no body has the right to say what is she doing or what is she wearing is wrong. The belief of this society is that if a woman or a girl should follow the rules and norms imposed by the society even if these rules and regulations are creating a hurdle between her and her dreams, she should stay within those boundaries and limits, forgetting all her wants and ambitions. And if she chooses to live her life for herself on her own rules, if something unpleasant happens to her only she is liable for that. The question arises on her that “why she went out, why she wore those dresses, why she behaved badly with the men of this society, why she did what she wanted. “ It’s always a girl’s fault if something bad or unpleasant happens to her. 

Can Rape be Justified?

Rape can never be justifiable, and if it’s a rape it will always be the fault of the one who raped and not of the who got raped. It is known to all that it’s a biological fact that men get excited when they see a women wearing a sexually attracting outfit but it does not mean that he can commit a crime because he couldn’t controlled his hormones. Rape is not limited to only those girls who wear modern or western dresses, a woman in saree, a woman in burkha, a woman in squirt and even that girl child in a diaper got raped by the so called men of this society. So it was never about the dress. The woman working till late nights and the woman working only when the sun is out, the girl studying in kinder garden and the girl going to college for higher studies, all are being raped even the housewives who are not going anywhere are not safe in there own house. That means, also it was never about the place or time, it’s all about the thinking, lack of respect for the women, lack of education, lack of fear of law which encourages those creeps (rapists) to do such vulnerable crimes. We need to educate our people about sex education, we have teach them how respect each others choices, preference, decisions. Rape cases can only be reduced when we will support and stand by the victims instead of judging and criticising them. We need to make people understand that it’s a democratic country and everyone has the right to live their life on their own terms and no one has the right to decide for the other. We need to make our laws against these heinous crimes more strict.

This blog is authored by: Prachi kumari, IMS Law College, Noida

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