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Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2020: Progressive or Regressive?


Surrogacy has constantly been a planned in India. The moral code of obtaining a womb the ethical and lawful nuisances enclosing it’s been topics of challenge. The surrogacy regulation bill attempts to manage the practise of Surrogacy with the useful resource of prohibiting the practices like womb renting. 

It attempts to prepare a sensitive stability amongst Rights of sterile couple and the Human rights of Surrogate mothers. The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019, become passed through the Lok Sabha on 5th August,2019. The Rajya Sabha, in its assembly suspended on 21st November,2019, followed a movement to introduce the bill earlier than the Select Committee. Union Cabinet accepted the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill after accepting pointers proposed through Rajya Sabha Select Committee.


Surrogacy is an agreement wherein a female (the surrogate) bears to keep an infant through being pregnant on behalf of a couple, after which return the little one to the meant Parent(s) once it’s born.
Modifications made to the Old bill through the Select committee: ·

  • It allows any “willing” girl to be a surrogate mom. (2019 bill had proposed that maximum correctly a near relative of a pair can be a surrogate mom).
  • Deleting the definition of “infertility” due to the fact the incapacity to conceive after five years of unprotected intercourse at the floor that it modified into too prolonged a length for a couple to look ahead to a toddler. 
  • It proposes to modify surrogacy through method of establishing a National Surrogacy Board at the Central Level and State Surrogacy Board and appropriate government in states and Union Territories respectively. 
  • They proposed to increase coverage cover for surrogate moms to 36 months from sixteen months supplied withinside the sooner model. 
  • Commercial surrogacy will be prohibited which include sale and buy of human embryo and gametes. 
  • Only moral surrogacy to Indian married couples, Indian-beginning vicinity married couples and Indian Unmarried woman (widow or divorcee among the age of 35 and forty five years) might be granted on fulfilment of positive situations simplest. 

Surrogacy in Other Countries:

Countries Where Surrogacy is Legal:
Only in United states which has flawlessly described legal guidelines to shield each and every surrogates and meant mother and father from numerous lawful difficulties “The United States”. Whereas surrogacy legal guidelines do range from nation to nation, withinside the states in which surrogacy is allowed, the exercise is completely administered and the technique is finished legally and ethically.
There are different nations additionally in which surrogacy is not banned or regulated either:

  • In Kenya no formal regulation is made, however industrial surrogacy is “allowed” and there are positive prison protections additionally.
  • In Malaysia no formal regulation made however industrial surrogacy is “allowed” and prison guidelines are below evaluate technique.
  • In Nigeria no formal regulation however industrial surrogacy “allowed”. 

Countries Where Surrogacy is Prohibited:
Some nations that completely exclude all sorts of surrogacy training or not possible to acquire through making agreements invalid.
The nations to restrict the training of surrogacy are Cambodia, Denmark, France, Germany and Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria and Nepal.

Importance of the Modifications:

The training of surrogacy has stay unchanged in India with no legal framework, working simplest on the concept of vague hints. Now with the modifications withinside the bill, a regulatory framework might be followed to manage surrogacy.
Nowadays, unethical practices which include the mistreatment of surrogate mothers, desertion of children born out of surrogacy and the import of human embryos and gametes were reported. Several terrible girls in India took step to turning into surrogate mothers repeatedly no matter grave implications to their health.

With the banning of Commercial surrogacy and with the supply of coverage for 36 months, the exploitation of surrogate moms might be checked in addition to there would possibly be enhancements in their fitness.
Law Commission in its 228th report had encouraged that surrogacy be regulated through appropriate rules. The regulation fee had endorsed that simplest altruistic surrogacy to be allowed and industrial surrogacy be completely banned)}.
Limiting the surrogate mom to “near relative” potentially affected the provision of surrogate moms. Now with the new bill, the “willing ladies” shall act as a surrogate mom. Now widows and divorced ladies also can enjoy the provisions, besides infertile Indian couples.

Functions of the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2020:

  • It offers for the composition of surrogacy boards on the country wide in addition to nation stage to make effective regulation. 
  • It seeks to allow ethical altruistic surrogacy to the intending infertile Indian married couple among the age of 23-50 years for girls and 26-55 years for males. 
  • Only Indian couples can choose surrogacy in the Nation. 
  • It makes it compulsory for the couple to collect a certificates of essentiality and moreover a certificates of eligibility in advance than going in advance with surrogacy. 
  • It moreover gives that intending couples must now no longer abandon the kid born out of surrogacy below any circumstance. The new child little one might be entitled to all rights and privileges which each natural child has. 
  • The bill moreover seeks to adjust the functioning of surrogacy clinics. All surrogacy clinics withinside the USA want to be registered with the useful resource of the quality authority that lets in you to adopt surrogacy or its associated strategies. 
  • The bill offers for various safeguards for surrogate moms. Certainly considered one among them is coverage.
  • It moreover specifies that no sex may be performed as regards to surrogacy. 


The Surrogacy (Regulation) bill, 2020 is an moral, ethical and social law vital to shield the reproductive rights of a surrogate mom in addition to protects the rights of the born through surrogacy and additionally provide safeguards in shape of cover coverage to surrogates, and restrict the persevering with workout of import of embryo and gametes as well. It additionally allows to expand the training in country through supplying all viable method with cause to have happy present of child to all households who not able to conceive.
This bill in my opinion in reality is a innovative one as it isn’t simplest for individuals who not able to conceive however additionally for the country as well.


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Author: Charu Sharma 

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