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First-Generation Lawyer


If you are a Game of Thrones fan you surely known this quote “We are the protector of the realm”. In the judiciary, the lawyers take the mantle of being the protector. Yes, being a first-generation lawyer is different from what we see on TVs, serials, or movies. 

The journey of a young lawyer is pretty tough and is truly extreme, particularly for individuals who don’t have a guardian in the law. The field of law is a closed circle, surrounded by its exclusive guidelines and customs which are new to an outsider. Proposals and references can take an individual to places that are generally difficult to reach. In this field there is NEPOTISM. Well, of course, this has nothing to do with India or lawyers or any industry. If you’re a lawyer and your child needs one, then you are the guide since birth, It’s just common sense. Numerous students who come from legal backgrounds families may get an easy head-start since they have family cash and relatives. It’s additionally important that coming from a legal background family is fine and dandy, yet if an individual wants to be a lawyer themselves, and, having a legal background is no assurance to better future. It depends on the skills and knowledge that you have gained from your family. If we talk about the head start yes, having a family background is very beneficial because the ideas, translation, utilization of laws is now in every law school is instructed in the class but the practical knowledge that you gain may be different. Coming from a legal background ordinarily helps in acquiring traction while rehearsing at courts. Showing off or bragging about who your parents and how big their names are in the circle will not help.
Entering the legal profession is energizing and alarming. It is a vocation way that can be both fulfilling and disappointing. While you won’t ever dispense with all expected wellsprings of stress and disappointment, there are numerous ways and strategies you can use to make your work life less difficult. Attempt to take these apparatuses and form them to accommodate your life and as impetuses to grow new instruments that work for you. Be that as it may, recall, there are times when you will feel idiotic. Those moments will pass.

Individuals generally frustrated with law school and those who choose to turn into a lawyer depend on cherishing legal TV shows. The second most frustrating thing is that individuals who accept they will be contending under the steady gaze of the Supreme Court to save the world from their favored type of foul play within three weeks of getting through the lawyer’s exam.

The struggle which a first-generation lawyer may face can be of various types.

While beginning as a young lawyer, you have no customers, no office, no cash, and no validity in the court. The entirety of this is accessible before beginning your career if your family has a current practice.
Needless to state, when you start your practice, there will be next to zero cash. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any inflow of cash however the costs will be more than the pay.
To work well as a new lawyer, you need a couple of essential things, for example, an office (it can also be small) a little library and legal database, a law agent and a couple of machines, for example, a PC, a printer and a scanner and so forth There must be an orderly strategy actualized to deal with bills and records. This requires cash, cash which you are yet to acquire from that training.

Since you can’t promote in India as a promoter, you rely upon your fame and individuals to spread your name as a legal advisor who is acceptable at his work and individuals should move toward him.
Talking about the pros and cons of being a lawyer. It is quite a bit of both. It also depends on where and what you practice, but here are my experiences: 


– Lawyers are or can be, involved in almost every aspect of life with respect to their work. There’s a whole diversity of work available to you if you’re a lawyer. There’s an entire variety of work accessible to you in case you’re a lawyer. Additionally, for many lawyers, there’s no end to the possibility of career progression opportunities. Having a law degree most likely won’t guarantee immediate success or a huge remuneration in the first place but you will see good rewards in coming years.
– Further, being a lawyer provides for continual intellectual challenge. That certainly cannot be said for most careers. Lawyers regularly have to spend time exploring and dissecting the new laws to address their clients in the most and best professional way.
– It’s among the most respected occupations. It’s not all about a high profile, though. There’s a whole lot of criticism “thrown” at lawyers. And it’s hardly any surprise, given the extremely high pricing they charge for work that takes but a short amount of time.


– There are more law and non-law graduates entering into the law profession each year than there are positions available to them. For many law-related jobs, just to make it to the interview stage means you must have not only an excellent academic record but also some valid hands-on work experience behind you.
– A lawyer’s working hours will vary a lot depending on their area of practice, their location, and also on the size of their firm. As an example, a lawyer that specializes in corporate law in a large city firm is going to work considerably longer hours than a lawyer that is employed by a small, local conveyancing firm.
I am the first in my family who is graduating from law school, by my knowledge, What I have seen in court during internships and working with lawyers is that the struggle is real for the first-generation lawyer. From that position of knowing what I have seen, here is my advice:
1. Be available to criticism, take it, and use it.
2. Right translation of law and reasonable relevance of speculations. Books help a bit however except if you approach a senior to help you essentially, you may go anyplace while challenging a case. Becoming a lawyer is the most effortless among all the callings in India and the economy as well. There are advocates all around. On such occasions acquiring customers is the greatest test.
3. You must be good at drafting. There is a ton to drafting that one should learn but there will be a great deal left to be educated. Nonetheless, what you should realize before turning into a young lawyer is finding out about the text size, paper type, dispersing, and edges associated with the entries under the steady gaze of various courts. Also, it is essential to gain proficiency with the format of the primary page.
4. Be professional at work, your lifestyle has to be attractive. Clients attract and have fate only to those who are professional and have a professional lifestyle.
5. Don’t say ‘NO’. If you are new, never let your client go.

This profession demand lot of patience and a lot of reading of a legal text or non-legal text. It is important for an individual to keep doing good work at the chambers of a Senior or while representing his/her own clients. So, the life of a young lawyer is challenging but rewarding. It is intense and not every person who enters makes an imprint but rather it is the center quintessence of law. It happens to all the lawyers from a legal background as well. If having the right attitude and aptitude and sky is the limit. In the end, be ready for a rollercoaster ride and hang in there.
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Author: Ankita Nandi

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