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Arbitration Drafting Workshop by Legal Soch Foundation

About Us

Legal Soch Foundation is an organization which also runs a legal blog, established in November 2020 to help law students to be up to date with contemporary news in legal arena. We post legal articles and legal news which is very helpful for law students. We conduct webinars, Competitions, Workshops, etc for law students so that it adds up their skills. We are soon going to soon launch Certificate courses.

About the Instructor
The Instructor of this event is Advocate Akshit Jain. He has done his Graduation in B.Com LL.B (Hons) from Institute of Law, Nirma,University and has Specialization in Corporate Law. He has done LLM from University of Maharashtra. He is a former Bombay Stock Exchange Lawyer and now an independent Practitioner. He worked as Senior Associate in Regsvreet Law Advisor and has also worked under R V Legal as an Associate. 
About the Workshop
The aim of this workshop is to cover the fundamental principles of arbitration drafting in India as enshrined within the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. This workshop will basically introduce you to the stages in arbitration case. The learners will get acquainted with the formats and application that are used in the Courts. Students will have Practical skills in this field. 
What you will learn?
1. Introduction — Understanding Arbitration as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism.
2. Arbitration Process — Drafting of Arbitration Agreement, Invocation of Arbitration Agreement, Appointment of Arbitrator, Filing of Claim and Reply / Rejoinder.
3. Contents of Arbitration Petition / Arbitration Appeal — Drafting of Arbitration Petition and Arbitration Appeal with primary focus on grounds which can be raised under Section 34 and Section 37 of Arbitration and Conciliation Act.
Method of Learning
This workshop will be held online and study material will be provided. The workshop study material will be accessible only to registered participants. There will be assignment also to test the actual learning of the students.
Study Material
1. Introduction to Arbitration
2. Arbitration Process
3. Contents of Arbitration Petition / Arbitration Appeal
What can students expect?
After completion of this workshop, students will have the basic and practical knowledge about Arbitration.
All the participants will be given an e-certificate after the successful submission of the assignment.
3 days (25th June – 27th June)
Student and Professionals from Law stream can apply.
Payment Method
Phone Pay/Google Pay — 9631444345 (Aditya Kritwik)
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