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Animal Abuse – “cruelty against animal


Just as human beings an animal is capable of giving love, creating friendly relationships, but all these can be taken away from it by enduring the pain, the fear, anger, and anxiety all inflicted by Humans; who are supposed to be the caregivers of animals. 

A bird that is naturally supposed to fly in the open is locked in a cage for human entertainment. A polar Bear meant to stay in cold regions is forced to adapt to hot regions because it is not able to speak against this. 


Animal abuse also known as animal cruelty is the causing of harm or suffering of animals by humans for specific achievements such as killing for entertainment, or outright cruelty. It can also be known as zoosadism. This research seeks to portray various forms and types of animal neglect all around the world both domestic and wild animals.

Types of animal abuse

1. Physical abuse 

Animals are not able to speak for themselves thus they become victims of physical abuse especially when they do not respond to human commands. Some of the physical violence include being kicked, whipped, nagged. As humans, we tend to take advantage of the nature of animals and treat them in the worst inhumane ways. This usually happens behind closed doors. For example, a horse rider can whip his horse when it refuses to obey a command. This can be viewed as normal but in an actual sense, it is abuse and inhumane, imagine the pain the animal has to go through.

2. Neglecting the animal

Lack of knowledge and ignorance is usually a contributing factor towards animal neglect. Lack of knowing how to take care of the animal can be seen as the reason why a majority of domesticated animals die. This cannot be an excuse for the death of the animal, if a person is not capable of giving the required care of the animal they are not in any way supposed to domesticate it . Pet owners should be morally and legally obligated to take care of their sick or injured pets.

3. Exploiting animals

Animal exploitation has been going on for so long in our society. And it has gone unnoticed and unexposed and everyone for some reason has accepted it as the new normal for selfish reasons. There is a sense of obligation towards animals but people assume they have the right to use animals as they wish. Zoos circuses, animal parks, aquatic parks are infamous for exploiting animals. Circus animals are especially the ones that are mostly affected by cruelty.

4. Animal testing in laboratory

This is another example of animal brutality. Animals go through a lot during laboratory experiments, some even lose their lives in the name of experiments. This is something that happens for example snakes, birds, lizards, rats go through this.

5. Using animals for monetary gains

People tend to justify animal slaughtering as a benefit to the skin industry; making a lot of money at the expense of these animals being slaughtered. They sell animal furs, skin, body parts like tusks making money and yet infringing the animals’ right to live freely.

6. Animal cruelty in livestock

Livestock is bred to provide food for humans and is victims of life long-suffering. Livestock is put labels on food and in turn, does not get enough food after being domesticated even their conditions of living do not change. 

Conflicting laws regarding animal cruelty

Conflicting approaches to laws concerning animal cruelty occur in different parts of the world. Notable are some laws that govern methods of killing animals for food, clothing, or other products, and other laws concern the keeping of animals for entertainment, education, research, or pets. There are a number of related approaches opposing each other in the cases of cruelty to animals.

What can be done to solve animal abuse

· Animal awareness meetups or rallies should be conducted
· Speaker from animal welfare groups can help with providing knowledge on animal safekeeping
· Get pet care guides from local pet shops that have licenses and are knowledgeable


Animals should be treated the same way we humans want to be treated. Imagine a scenario where animals retaliate and become vicious towards us humans as a result of the way we mistreat them. Animals are also important for the balance of the ecosystem which is a benefit to us also humans. Let’s be the voice for the animals and shun inhumane practices towards animals because as we have right they also have them and we are to help them enjoy those rights.
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Author : Pirayikunashe Samkange, Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat

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