Trending: Call for Papers Volume 4 | Issue 4: International Journal of Advanced Legal Research [ISSN: 2582-7340]

ANALYSIS OF CHILD PROTECTION LAWS IN INDIA – Deepti Arora, Sandeep Kumar & Randeep Mann


In a nation like India, which is diverse and heavily populated, the safety of children is extremely important. Even with a comprehensive system of laws in place, children still experience continuous exploitation, abuse, and neglect. This study explores the grim truth of child labour in dangerous sectors, widespread child trafficking, and the increasing threat of cybercrimes aimed at children. Showing India’s dedication with strong legislation such as the POCSO Act and Juvenile Justice Act, it reveals the stark shortcomings in implementation and the worsening of vulnerabilities due to the pandemic. The tireless efforts of the NCPCR, NGOs, and significant legal actions provide a ray of hope. The report suggests improved distribution of resources and integration of policies as India faces these challenges. If the government, civic society, and judiciary in India collaborate to address the obstacles in their way, children in the country could have a brighter and more secure future. This research aims to turn empathy into tangible outcomes through a practical perspective, ensuring that each child not just survives but thrives in a nurturing and secure setting.