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India, a vibrant democracy with a rich tapestry of cultures, tradition, and political ideologies, has long debated the merits and demerits of its parliamentary system of government. In recent years, there has been an increasing chorus advocating for a shift towards a presidential form of government, citing various perceived benefits like stability, accountability, and decisiveness.

Proponents of this transition argue that a presidential system would streamline decision-making processes, reduce political gridlock, and provide clearer lines of accountability. They contend that a directly elected president, with fixed terms and powers distinct from the legislature, would offer a stronger leadership that can swiftly implement policies without being hampered by coalition politics or frequent changes in government.On the other hand, opponents caution against the potential risks and unintended consequences of such a transition. They argue that India’s diverse and pluralistic society, with its multitude of languages, religions and marginalization under a presidential system, where power may become concentrated in the hands of a single individual or party.

In addition, concerns are raised about the potential erosion of democratic norms and institutions, as a shift towards a presidential system could exacerbate tendencies towards authoritarianism, weaken institutional oversight, and undermine the independence of the judiciary and media.

The question of whether India should transition towards a presidential form of government is a complex and multifaceted one, with implications that extend far beyond mere structural changes. While proponents argue for increased efficiency and stability, opponents raise valid concerns about the preservation of democratic values, pluralism, and inclusive governance.

In spite of the limitations, the Parliamentary system of government has functioning satisfactory in India. Its successful operationsaremostly attributed to the free and fair electionscarried out by India. India must continue with parliamentary system but should maintain improving it plugging every problems.

Keywords: Democracy, Parliamentary, Presidential, Government