Trending: Call for Papers Volume 4 | Issue 4: International Journal of Advanced Legal Research [ISSN: 2582-7340]



The paper explores Portia’s persuasive tactics as a powerful advocate in the trial scene of Shylock vs Antonio. Portia’s intelligence, determination and strategic thinking are examined as she endeavours to save Antonio from Shylock’s revenge of getting a pound of flesh from his body. The trial serves as a backdrop for the masterful performance of Portia. She begins by appealing to Shylock’s humility, asking him to show mercy to Antonio. Employing an idea that showcases mercy as a divine quality, Portia tries to divert Shylock’s cruel stance. While Shylock remains firm on his stance, Portia, disguised as a young lawyer called Balthazar, argues with skill and confidence. She allows Shylock to proceed with his demand but checkmates him with a legal loophole that forces him to rethink. With a sharp thinking, she puts forth a condition that if he sheds one single drop of Antonio’s blood, he is going to face severe consequences, turning the tables on him. As Shylock is afraid of losing his wealth, he is forced to surrender. The duke, upholding the arguments of Portia, shows clemency to Shylock with a warning. This paper will show Portia’s use of persuasive advocacy, examining how she employs legal knowledge and psychological insight to achieve her goals. She not only saves Antonio’s life, but teaches an important lesson to Shylock. By studying her character, her approach to advocacy and her strategies she uses during the trail scene, this highlights how far she is willing to go to secure justice. Portia’s intelligence and skillful advocacy in the “Merchant of Venice” save Antonio from Shylock’s demand for a pound of flesh. By appealing to mercy and exposing various legal loopholes, she demonstrates the power of persuasion, securing justice while teaching Shylock a lesson. Portia’s persuasive advocacy saves Antonio in court trial.

Keywords: Portia, Persuasive Advocacy, Legal loophole, Justice, Merchant of Venice.