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FUTURE INDIA – N. Brindhalakshmi


              FUTURE INDIA -what is likely to happen in future is not definitive because before 77 years we couldn’t have imagined this modern world where we wrote we can share our thoughts through media and order desired meal anything you wanted anytime it came out a luxurious life but with a price – hard work. Relating to future that is indefinite was not possible however relating to one’s dream which pierce from his brain to work was possible that’s how we are living the dream- a dream of future.


Future has various definition which is not defined perfectly. Many scientists and researchers including great leaders has talked about this uncertain succession for tomorrow.  Right for knowing tomorrow has led to upheaval in field of education and science. Prediction to future started when learned to differentiate day and night however knowing the actual concept behind this was the tricky part of learning future.

FUTURE-a medium:

             Future is a medium to create and to satisfy our dreams what happened from past and present. Dreams doesn’t come from moment, but it comes from our mind. Future holds the question paper with answers of uncertainty, doubt but Once Done Never Change. Time Holds Answers For Everything – it identifies. It identify the future holding answers for all those questions. But who holds the?


             Who, For Whom, When are the answers for the future created. It is created The We Today. For the we Tomorrow. By us Today. It is. We hold the pen to write the destiny tomorrow. We keep the ink dyed with millions of stories to write tomorrow’s diary. We learn today to tell tomorrow.


Technology is the world hold future key, the development in the technology paves the path for future. Technology must not itself prove the sincerity to the people but as well the tomorrow. Development in technology in various field includes:

  • Development in artificial intelligence
  • Rocket science


Artificial intelligence now holds broad prospect in various fields. Not only in math, geometry, robotics, genetic engineering, vaccine development and wide aspect of medicines but also in daily needs. In future there might be sensor activated fully controlled city.

For example:

*Sensing hand shower, light, doors and screen

*Inoculation into experimental animals

By robotic hands

*Calculating the geometry of Building, instruments.



            The history of using medicine is charted back to 1,00,000 years. However, as there is prewritten procedures for various medicines and their applications the use of certain medicine have not been completely found its usage in the daily life. It is said that a proper composition of certain medicine could create a Valuable medicine various diseases that is Uncurable like HIV, AIDS, ULCERS, HEART DISEASES etc… but the problem we have is that the found in scripted in ancient languages. If it is possible to know the value of these herbs, salts it could make possible to make healthy life, but we must develop new technology dated with new language detecting these artifacts. It is said Tomorrow’s Modern Tools are Written Today’s Graph Sheets.


             It is a well-known fact that the newly tested Vaccines are being injected into experimental or suitable laboratory animals. There are about 110 million around the world that is being used as laboratory animals. The development of vaccines shall be tested using the genetic moderators like DNA fragments.


        India is known for its vast Mavolent Architecture Wonders. In future there must be sources to create new architectural building so it must be possible to create a new one with perfect geometry and regardless with a perfect texture and withstanding support any hardships created by natural calamities. The main need for the country like India is to provide and support its huge mass of population so rather the structure must have capacity as well as a lot of needing amenities to the commodity.


            India now ranked 2nd most populated country might overtake the China by the next few decades as the most populated country as defined as GROWING NATION India welcomes nearly 6-10 million foreigners visiting the nation annually to withhold the mast population we need a huge surveillance to maintain and have record of the population growth every year we must create a numerical system that hold information of every one of the citizen.


           Being peninsular country India has all kinds of transportation the problem here is the time it take 5Hrs to reach Madurai from Thanjavur but this could practically reduced is following factors could be taken care of:

  • Excess traffic
  • Mass air pollution
  • Irregular traffic control

So it must be regularized. But instead we can create the vehicle with transient speed and cause less tumor to society.


    High schoolers must graduate from the school with a skill and completing school degree


     So a student must not memorise a skill but he must know the value of learning a skill and well versed in the same.


          We create the new technology for living or accustomed to peaceful living so to conclude the new technology are to make our daily amendment a productive and simpler one and at the same time it must be a sincere one.


The crime in the country has increased so we must create a peaceful environment to the future generation. We can develop safety app for women, girl children and as well as create rehabilitating units for drunkards.


          The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

– Eleanor Roosevelt

            The best way too predict the future is to create it

– Abraham Lincoln

             The past is a source of knowledge and the future is source of hope. Love of past implies faith in the future

– Stephen Androse

            The future tomorrow is in the hands of the youngsters today so lets strive for the better tomorrow.