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The study builds on the existing body of dowry deaths in India. We use a nationwide panel survey, supplemented by any other analysis that focuses on a panel of cross-sections between 2001 and 2011, to investigate the rate of growth of and reasons underlying dowry deaths between 2001 and 2016. The bridal pressure causing dowry inflation and deaths is a major theory to explain the increase in dowry fatalities. Our analysis provides a solid affirmation, which is entirely based on opportunity metrics of marriage squeeze. Other explanatory factors include the wealth of the kingdom, the education of women, the style of government in the kingdom, convictions over dowry murders, and a significant Supreme Court decision from 2010 that mandated that dowry is a very evil thing which destroys society.

Key Words: dowry deaths, marriage squeeze, affluence, anti-dowry  bestial masculinity, India



Dowry deaths rose from approximately 19 consistent with the day in 2001 to 21 consistent with the day in 2016. While those facts are worrying, there’s a high-quality deal of variant in the prevalence of “dowry deaths” throughout areas and over time. It is certainly alarming that the upward push in dowry deaths is determined despite more stringency of anti-dowry legal guidelines. In 1961, the Dowry Prohibition Act made giving and taking of dowry, its abetment or the call for it an offence punishable with imprisonment and exceptional or without the latter. This become an abysmal failure as dowries have become a nationwide phenomenon, changing bride prices. More stringent legal guidelines were observed but with little effect. Dowry refers back to the gross belongings introduced through the bride at the time of marriage, henceforth “gross dowry”. Marriage as a social organisation is regarded as the civilised social order in which individuals able to get a union, have pledged themselves to the institutional norms and values. Despite all guarantees making it unique activity of the bridal ceremony that the incompatibilities and attitudinal variations for non –adjustment or refusal for adjustment might additionally come to an end.

There has been a chronic upward thrust within side the occurrence of dowry marriages in India. The quantity of dowry demanded has grown to a stage that threatens the destitution of daughter-handiest families and the constant harassment of brides. It is a part of dowry over which the bridegroom or his kinsmen preserve both direct or oblique control (groom price) that has been growing steadily. Such an alternate in marriage transactions, corroborated with the aid of using the perceptions of dad and mom themselves, shows an upward thrust within side the fee of bridegrooms due to their relative shortage within side the marriage market. Besides, at the same time as a massive dowry increases the status of the bride amongst her affine, greater importantly, a small one could make her existence depressing and bring about severe torture and in lots of instances her murder (e.g. thru burn injuries) or suicides. What is certainly worse is that dowry claims maintain in her later existence as contributions to lifecycle events. Dowry deaths may also arise via way of means of numerous means, inclusive of poisoning,  putting or burning.

Recognition via way of means of lawmakers that girls in India have historically been susceptible to dowry-associated abuse via way of means of their in-laws, every so often ensuing their death, has caused the enactment of unique criminal provisions to save such abuse and cruelty.

The fundamental goal of the existing look is to throw mild on why dowry deaths have risen notwithstanding the stringency of anti-dowry legislation. A long nation-huge panel of information masking the duration 2001-sixteen is analysed using a kingdom-of-artwork panel information version to apprehend higher the underlying reasons. New mild is thrown on marriage squeeze speculation as the motive force of inflation of dowries, kingdom affluence, the significance of a Supreme courtroom docket judgment requiring previous evidence of harassment of the sufferer to categorise a dying as a dowry dying; rural-city composition of a kingdom population instructional attainments of ladies in a kingdom; convictions in opposition to dowry deaths; and kingdom political regime. To the first rate of our knowledge, that is the maximum complete specification that is established thru a kingdom-of-artwork econometric analysis. The findings have tremendous coverage relevance.


The main aim of this paper is to analyse dowry deathsin the state of India. Italso aimshow to fight against the abuse of dowry laws. It also reflects awareness created for abolishing dowry.


A critical contribution is Raja Raman (1983) who analysed the transformation of the bride rate right into a dowry as a nationwide phenomenon within the previous two-three decades. Her foremost argument is that a dowry gadget which evolves from a bride rate gadget on account of a decline in lady contribution to own circle of relatives profits alone, without any different parallel developments, could have a punitive occurrence no greater than that of the gadget replaced. This is of direction an incomplete evaluation because it doesn’t throw mild on inflation of dowry.


There are specific laws governing dowries.

According to Section 304 B (1) of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, the death of a personis a criminal offence. Due to an increase in Dowry death,lead to loss.Sec 304 IPC  lays down the 4 conditions for dowry death caused due to bodily injury or normal circumstances.

A minimum sentence of seven years in jail or a maximum sentence of life in prison is the two options for punishment for dowry death discussed in sub-Section 2.

The Indian Evidence Act, 1872’s Section 113B addresses the presumption of dowry death. If a lady perishes as a result of the crueltyby someone. The court will responsible for the death of the dowry.

Dowry death under Sections, there are very essential elements-

  • Death changed into resulting from burns on physical harm or in any other case then below everyday circumstances.
  • Death must have fallen within seven years of marriage.


  • The demiseof ladies has been resulting from burns or physical injury or takes place in any other cases than below ordinary circumstances.
  • That the demisehas been brought on or has befallen inside the seven years of her marriage.
  • Quicklyearlier than her demise the lady became subjected to cruelty or harassment with the aid of using her husband or with the aid of using a relative of her husband in reference to any call for

To eradicate these social evils from society, the following suggestions are taken into consideration:

  • People shouldhave conquered conventional spiritual taboos, social practices etc. Which don’t have any cost in any respect in this new era.
  • People wantto extrude a brand new manner of questioning and their philosophy approximately the girl. A new sort of mindset is for required the development of girls. All are equal; there has to now no longer be any discrimination between the ladies and men in society.
  • Criminals victimizing girlswant deterrent punishment and are to be handled strictly due to the fact they now no longer simplest violate the regulation but additionally violate the societal norms.
  • Law is the simpleequipment to get rid ofsocial evil like dowry and dowry death. The law should make that sort of regulation which is extra in favour of the girls in order that they’re enabled to raise their voices to assert their rights properly.


Practising inside the call of a so-referred to as a way of life this is dowry is visible current in each region in India whether or not rural or urban. The threat of dowry custom has reached a way down in society. Despite making such a lot of provisions working towards of call for dowry nonetheless now no longer stopped. No count number what legal guidelines the authorities make it nonetheless can’t remove it absolutely from society. To absolutely remove it the human beings of society have to apprehend that it’s miles wrong. By enacting strict legal guidelines in society it could be managed, however, it can’t position cease to it due to the unawareness of the legal guidelines inside the society and additionally no assistance from the families. Even if the woman complains to her mother and father approximately the torture she faces via way of means of the husband’s own circle of relatives the mother and father of the woman favour compromise rather than bringing it to light. The legal guidelines and assistance from society collectively can resolve the issue.