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Cricket in our palatinate[1] is a religion in itself. It is a sect united irrespective of gender, age, race, caste and state. The athletes are no less than reincarnations of deities to them. Every century and wicket makes us contented like it has been performed by our very own, and we are an integral element. This respect and gratitude have over the years planted a disease due to the over-excessive fame of these avaricious narcissists whose veins run from hypocrisy, due to which this trust and hospitality reciprocated with frown and suspicions on which our own very law-abiding cricket board, The Board of Control for Cricket. in India added fuel to this already gruelling fire. Not excusing that they have worked through their skins of yore to ensure our team’s surge to this unprecedented perk at the time Kapil Dev ensured India’s maiden ICC trophy.[2], but in recent days they are just a Big Sam that perceives itself as being an exceptional entity for whom laws would not hinder its modus operandi, which permits them to carry out whatever they yearn and desire irrespective of its bypassing the line of legality. The initiation of this inflation occurred when BCCI launched the IPL to promote and spread awareness about the T20 format which eventually turned out to be the brahamastra for the power and wealth it attests to this date.


Since the 83 underdog heist, cricket in India has impelled both the BCCI and the fans to invest in sports through their means & methodologies, leading to sporting professions like football[3], hockey [4]to take a backseat which historically had been the heart, soul and voice of the palatinate since our struggle for emancipation was at its utmost peak from the same entity which gifted many colonies and us with the sport of cricket and football. As the date, they are striving and toiling to regain their glory days, whose tenebrosity phase when the World Cup debuted in the subcontinent. in 87 after being a perpetual guest to the Queen since the concept’s initiation, which seemed prejudiced and narcissistic to other assemblages which have attained the penultimate glory requisite for a crew to be entitled ‘ WORLD CHAMPIONS’. We, despite every single fowl and hindrance intended, successfully and triumphantly made our baby steps leaving our adversaries left gaping, which aggravated the already booming popularity of the sport and eventually ensured financial stability and the supreme throne of power to the BCCI, which they yearned for since the humiliating and subjugating times which was further boosted by a selection of Jagmohan Dalmiya.[5] as the ICC chief: a position usually occupied by the whites which ensured unfair favours to the founders of the sport: the Brits and the Aussies. Dalmiya instantly worked to serve a goodnight on the hegemonic attitude of the big boys and ensured the other boys had a say in the game. When he returned to the helm of BCCI in 2001, it was competing with the two ancient powerhouses, and it was still keeping the pace quietly as a mouse, but a significant controversy changed it all. A former English cricketer then match referred Mike Denness. was removed from his role in the Proteas series after being caught violating the natural justice principles during various hearings leading to BCCI pressurizing ICC to restructure their match referee panel and drop charges on Tendulkar after it acted on the aversions by the match referee. After this, BCCI was never taken for granted by other entities and establishments, leading it to the cusp of being the cricketing superpower. However, it required a desperate weapon: a brahamastra which it procured as IPL, which changed the cricketing landscape forever.

  • IPL

2007[6]: The year cricketing fans all across the orb could not forsake even if they want to: the ODI World Cup in the Caribbean resulted into the most unpredictable and star-trucking tournament in cricketing ancestry where newbies like Bangladesh and Ireland shellshocked the Indian and Pakistani juggernauts, which were full-fledged with seasoned stalwarts which eventually turned to be a reason of their shock exits, making them swallow a tough pill, 2007 T20 World Cup in the Rainbow Nation where our Blue Army was understated for the first time in many years owing to their catastrophic Caribbean campaign but they shocked the orb again by winning the inaugural 20-20 championship which became one of the fundamental reasons for initiating the IPL(Indian Premier League), a franchise based tournaments in which eight teams from different cities of our palatinate play to win the title. This grand plan became such a success that now different boards across the orb, like Cricket Australia, ECB, Cricket South Africa and many more, are resonating the same golden goose to aggravate domestic revenue. It gave BCCI so much goodwill and powerin the market that even ICC bends down to its grievances, andmajor football clubs like Manchester United[7] strive and compete with each other to be the stakeholder of the franchises in the competition.


Due to the inauguration of IPL, the major, deteriorating impacts have caused the sport to take a backseat which is:

  1. Fan wars[8]
  2. Hectic cricketing calendar[9]
  3. Reduction in interest in internationals amongst fans
  4. Aggravating the chances of injury
  5. Escalation of avaricious conduct

IPL has always been clouded with chaos and controversies, eventually urging us to ask questions about whether these narcissistic, maniacal, cynical crooks do care for us: the fans who strived to keep this sport afloat and the sport due to which they have created an empire within the orb. Here are some legal controversies to let us determine the dark side of this glamorous festival which is escalating year by year:

  1. The cat and mouse race to be the official franchise league of the palatinate[10]
  2. Spot-fixing and betting actus reus are rocking the sport.[11]
  3. Breaching contracts as promised and non-payment of dues by franchises to their players[12]

These acts have eventually deteriorated the goodwill of our beautiful palatinate, in which IPL is a vital cog. It is also memorable and sentimental to us Indians as it is our palatinate’s maiden unicorn.[13] Which steamrolled the economy to new unparalleled heights taking it from the twelfth wealthiest economy in 2007 to the fifth wealthiest economies[14] in 2023 in terms of nominal GDP.


We all know that every model and innovation has dual faces. The same is the case of IPL. On one side, it has spread awareness and attraction of the format, players and sport amongst the fans through the leagues, public relations of the franchisees and the tournaments, making us emotional and relatableto us: fans. It has worked forward to bolster our economy and the goodwill of our palatinate, which works as a roadmap to our ambitions of carrying a responsible, hegemonic order in the orb. On the other side, it has unveiled the filthy portion of cricket: smuggling, drug trafficking, betting, fixing and many more[15] which had raised questions on the credibility and legality of India’s grandest festival, which they do not even dare ponder as they are preeminent to the law and system. For such an egoist mindset, the govt has to break hands with the board and ensure and instigate reforms in the sector by collaborating with the pillars of the democracy to avert this selfish and indifferent mindset of the orb’s most prosperous cricketing power.

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